Music lovers, sci-fi geeks, people of the future….we give you…… The Oval.

While some of you may have mistaken this strange-looking device for a flying saucer, or perhaps the new Apple puff-puff maker, it is actually neither.

Oval is a next generation, versatile musical instrument, fashioned after the “Hang” or “Handpan”, which is a type of drum. You can’t even buy them anymore! Essentially, the Oval is a high-tech digital handpan, which allows you to “play, learn and perform music using any sound you can imagine”.

Developed over the course of two years, the Oval works via an app for your tablet or smartphone and allows you to change instruments, scales and effects to create unique sounds. These can then be uploaded to your device via Bluetooth, MIDI or USB so you can save them or share them over social media. The Oval even incorporates step-by-step tasks so that players can go from beginner to pro-level in no time!

The Oval is already available for pre-ordering, so it won’t be long till you start seeing these beauties popping up in music videos and even live concerts. The future is now.