Kanye West shocked the world yesterday at the MTV Video Music Awards!!! Mr. West received the Michael Jackson “Vanguard” Award (which honours an artists body of work in videos) from Taylor Swift, whom ironically, he had interrupted at the 2009 VMA’s during her victory speech. Instead of talking about his work, Kanye, displaying his typical [...]


The king of cool (and a bit of crazy) himself, Sound Sultan released the video to his recently recorded single, “Everything is Everything”, and naturally, as videos go, this one stands out from the crowd. In his typical manner, the top Naija Ninja brings energy, colour, variety, style and originality to the fore. Nothing about [...]

Twitter Tips – The 3C’s All Artistes Must Know!

Gather round people! Welcome to another edition of Wednesday Wisdom. Today, we have decided to share with you the three C’s, which are essential for an artist (or indeed anyone) looking to make the most of their Twitter account. As usual, we shall keep this post short and sweet, but packed with goodies! Here goes: [...]

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There’s a saying - “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. Everyone knows this. So why would one of the most famous (and definitely in no way broke) companies in the world decide to rebrand? Google, one of the few companies to achieve “Dictionary word” status - (as in “Dude, google it”) - has undergone [...]

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Davido x Wizkid September Take Over!

Uh oh! Two of Nigeria’s (and Africa’s) hottest exports at the moment, Wizkid and Davido, are both reportedly releasing their albums in September. What a way to kick off the ‘ember’ months! With Davido apparently at the peak of his powers and Wizkid having lined up collaborations with Drake, Chris Brown and Angelique Kidjoe, both albums [...]

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At first glance, it’s easy to look at the album artwork above and wonder if the artiste is a necromancer or just taken with one substance or the other. But Chicago-based songwriter and producer, Jess Hal is neither (as far as we know, lol). Survival Float is Hal’s solo project and today's featured image is the [...]


Which artiste is fond of these zombified figures for Album Art? Find out tomorrow on What the hell Wednesday! Till then your guesses are welcome. Keep 'em comin'. Tweet @spinlet or leave a comment below.  


Got a smartphone? Of course you do.  You probably have two or three by now. Nothing special. What about a smart-WATCH?  That’s the latest technophile status symbol. If you think the battle for the best smartphones was a bloody one, the fight for the ultimate wearable tech, the smartwatch, is even more cutthroat. Quite a [...]

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World Environment Day – 7 Tips to Help You Consume With Care

The 5th of June each year has been set aside by UNESCO to reflect on ways to protect and preserve the environment. This year’s theme is Seven Billion Dreams. One Planet. Consume With Care. Every one of us can make a difference when we adopt the right habits. Here are a few simple tips to [...]

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JLo’s Boots and Booty Could Cost a Man His Job

Jennifer Lopez stirred controversy over the weekend after what some Morroccan officials are calling an indecent performance. The “Booty” singer kicked-off the 13th Mawazine Festival in Rabat, Morocco on Friday May 29th, lighting up the stage with a two-hour performance in front of over 160,000 people. The festival was broadcast on Morroco’s state owned 2M [...]

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