Kanye West shocked the world yesterday at the MTV Video Music Awards!!! Mr. West received the Michael Jackson “Vanguard” Award (which honours an artists body of work in videos) from Taylor Swift, whom ironically, he had interrupted at the 2009 VMA’s during her victory speech. Instead of talking about his work, Kanye, displaying his typical [...]

Richard Prince – Blurred lines?

Two members of our legal team share their views on a story that has been making the news recently. KOYE: So our friendly neighbourhood controversial visual artist, Richard Prince, is in the news again, for... you guessed it – art “appropriation”. Prince is notorious for (and has built a lucrative and successful career out of) [...]

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9 Things You Probably Don’t Want to Hear as a Musician

1. Major labels and radio are NOT against you. Don't get into the 'us against them' frame of mind that seems to have hit a peak these days. Labels still want to sign good music and radio stations still want great new sounds. View labels and traditional outlets as potential partners. A big reason labels [...]

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It has now been widely reported  that IBAN* and BON** (associations of independent television and radio broadcasters) have chosen, in response to lawsuits by COSON, seeking the payment of royalties for its members, to stop playing the music of COSON-registered artists. Here are a few bits and bobs on collecting societies and royalty payments. What [...]

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Streaming IS the Future; but Nigerian Music Needs to Turn on The Tap!

Last week, Adele’s manager, Jonathan Dickins, was reported as saying during an interview that streaming is the future whether musicians liked it or not. His comments followed news that Taylor Swift had pulled her entire catalogue from Spotify, the world’s most popular streaming service. Taylor Swift is not the first musician to grow less than [...]

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Music and Lyrics

Music has always been a time-stamp for me. Most songs that bubble to the surface of my consciousness remind me of very specific places and times. Panam Percy Paul’s "Bring Down Your Glory" reminds me of the most devout time of my life, in secondary school. When I hear Diana Ross’s "Touch Me In the [...]

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