Pay With Capture: How it works

Paying for your music online just got easier!    Great news! Paying for music just got easier! Spinlet now brings you your favourite music on the Pay With Capture Marketplace. Buy tracks and albums from your favourite artists with a single touch on Pay With Capture. It's safe, it's fast, it's easy. Here's how. Download [...]

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At first glance, it’s easy to look at the album artwork above and wonder if the artiste is a necromancer or just taken with one substance or the other. But Chicago-based songwriter and producer, Jess Hal is neither (as far as we know, lol). Survival Float is Hal’s solo project and today's featured image is the [...]


Music lovers, sci-fi geeks, people of the future....we give you...... The Oval. While some of you may have mistaken this strange-looking device for a flying saucer, or perhaps the new Apple puff-puff maker, it is actually neither. Oval is a next generation, versatile musical instrument, fashioned after the "Hang" or "Handpan", which is a type of [...]

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