Got a smartphone? Of course you do.  You probably have two or three by now. Nothing special.

What about a smart-WATCH?  That’s the latest technophile status symbol. If you think the battle for the best smartphones was a bloody one, the fight for the ultimate wearable tech, the smartwatch, is even more cutthroat. Quite a few people are sporting these wrist-worn beauties now, and boy, do they look good!

While the smartwatch battle rages on, a joker has been thrown into the game. A company called Deus Technology have begun a Kickstarter campaign for their new product, the Deus EX Aria. It is the wearable must-have companion to your favourite smartwatch. This unassuming little gadget helps you control your smartwatch using a few simple gestures, without even touching the screen. Now that’s high-tech!

Impressive huh? The company looks like they are well on their way to meeting their  $100,000 target.

Imagine streaming from the Spinlet app using one of these babies!  Just one more gadget to add to your wishlist.  Keep checking our page to know when the Deus Aria will be launched.