If e no be God is the brand new music video from Chidinma, a.k.a. Miss Kedike, from her forthcoming album. The video was released on the 24th of June 2015 and directed by Clarence Peters. It features two of Nigeria’s funniest comedians in the persons of Seyi Law and Funny Bone and the dance sequences were choreographed by the Awanjo Dance Company.

The song is Chidinma’s latest attempt at putting out a gospel themed record (which she has done before with much success). In line with the theme, the video was set in a rural church. Even the costumes are a throwback to church outfits from the 70s. In the song, Chidinma sings about what life would be like without God’s blessings. She asks that God continue to shower her with his favour, including lots of money. To distinguish it from a full throwback, the song has a shoki rhythm and that was seen in much of the choreography.

The video features a skit by Seyi Law and Funny Bone. Seyi Law plays the role of a Yoruba pastor at a church service while Funny Bone is his English interpreter. The total misinformation between the pair of them is very witty, reminiscent of the colonial courtroom comedy “Icheoku”. There is also a cameo appearance from music producer Tha Suspect of Captial Hill music. There were other comical elements elements such as shrilly-voiced choristers, the church member who couldn’t stay awake during service and the young man with a wandering eye.

It didn’t go unnoticed by our radar that this video was shot at the same location that Yemi Alade’s Johnny video was shot. The church and the setting seem to have worked for it. What do you think? Does the video for If E No Be God do the song justice?

Watch video below: