So you should’ve heard by now that Spinlet 2.0 is in the making. We’re pruning, scraping, upgrading, fitting and revamping our entire look. Like we told you last week, our website was the first to go under the knife [If you missed the sneak peek, CLICK HERE for another chance].

But that’s not all. We know you guys generally prefer to listen to your music on your mobile phones, so we turned our attention to our Spinlet app, specifically the Android version. If you’ve logged in recently, and upgraded to Version 3.2.1099, you’ll have noticed the glossy new user -friendly design.

And just on the very, very off chance that these looks don’t move you, you’ll be happy to know that here at Spinlet, providing functionality and making music easier to discover and re-discover is also extremely important to us. We’re all about trying new things so we’ve introduced a number of unique music styles from all over the continent. We even have recorded sermons to lift your spirits and inspire you on a daily basis. See how many of our new genres you don’t recognize and let us know! Check it out:

screenshot 2

screenshot 1

screenshot 4