At first glance, it’s easy to look at the album artwork above and wonder if the artiste is a necromancer or just taken with one substance or the other.

But Chicago-based songwriter and producer, Jess Hal is neither (as far as we know, lol). Survival Float is Hal’s solo project and today’s featured image is the album artwork of his latest self-titled LP. Born and raised in the rural midwest of America, Hal actually had a religious upbringing, which features heavily as a theme of his LP. Yesterday’s featured image, which surely had most of you stumped is the album art from his single, Shove.

Hal calls his sound Pop Rock, but states that it’s hard to place music in a genre these days. Spinlet is committed to helping you discover new and interesting sounds, so check out Survival Float’s latest release right here.

You can also check out former releases like Shove here.