Gather round people! Welcome to another edition of Wednesday Wisdom. Today, we have decided to share with you the three C’s, which are essential for an artist (or indeed anyone) looking to make the most of their Twitter account. As usual, we shall keep this post short and sweet, but packed with goodies! Here goes:

  • Consistency

Consistency is key. Tweet regularly. Fans are more likely to want to interact with someone active. Even if you have nothing going on in terms of your music (say an upcoming concert or album release for example), you could always post a link to an interesting article or a funny picture/meme or a funny or inspirational quote. No one wants to interact with someone whose last tweet was two weeks ago.

  • Conduct

People feed off your energy, so if you’re bubbly on your timeline, people tend to respond more. More responses tend to lead to more Retweets. More Retweets lead to more visibility, which in turn translates into more followers. And just like that, your audience has grown!

Take time out to interact properly with fans. Respond to their tweets as often as you can. Be approachable! Even when you receive not so nice comments, there are ways to respond that decrease tension, and do not give you a bad name with existing and potential fans.

  • Content

People are drawn to creativity. The more creative you can get in terms of the content you share, the more intrigued your fans will be, and the more they will want to get involved and spread the word about you.

There you have it. Consistency, Conduct, Content! Have these in mind at all times, and there is little you can do wrong on Twitter.